Information Technology (IT), the convergence of computer and network technology, is a highly transformative discipline. It touches nearly all aspects of our lives: the way we work, the way we learn, the way we communicate, the way we socialize, the way we entertain ourselves. These days, success in any occupational field, be it law, medicine, business, education, entertainment, finance, etc., requires a command of IT. IT offers fascinating, mission-critical, high-paying jobs with the potential for multiple career paths. To make our students equally competitive in this IT world we provide compulsory IT training for Primary School students. And professional IT training to secondary, higher secondary and adult students.

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Computer Training Centre for the Blind was started in 2008 to educate the primary school children & adults in the field of computers so that they become a part of information revolution.

Under this project students are trained to use the computers as any other normal person does. JAWS, screen-reading software are used to teach the visually impaired people to work on the computers. Students can work on MS office and Internet without any problem.

Our training programme includes following:

  • Keyboarding
  • Basic fundamental of windows and knowledge of other os.
  • Word Processing (Microsoft Word)
  • Translating and embossing, if a Braille reader (Duxbury)
  • File Management (via the Desktop, Windows Explorer, later within the Open and Save As dialog boxes)
  • Email 
  • Web, using social network
  • Scanning, if appropriate (Kurzweil or OpenBook or an accessible mainstream program such as OmniPage Pro)
  • Configuring Windows to be more accessible
  • Online Multimedia (Real Player, Windows Media Player)
  • Instant Messaging (AIM)
  • Spreadsheets (Microsoft Excel)
  • Database Applications (Microsoft Access)
  • Presentation Applications (Microsoft PowerPoint)
  • Use of jaws software (sp. For blinds)
  • Recording academic educational CDS and DVDS by sound forge software
  • Pen drive operations

Training is offered free of cost. Students can also use computers as a tool to download all their reading materials. Apart from this, we also train the students so as to pursue a career in the field of Computer technology.
Computer applications and operation has become possible for them with the software Job Access with Speech (JAWS). This software allows the content on the screen to be read out to our visually disabled students and thereby allows them to "read" the screen.

At present we have 2 computer Labs one for Primary students and one for other students in the hostel. We have around twenty five computers including headphones and speakers for each, one scanner and one printer and one Braille printer all of which have been part of donations made towards the Organization.

Andh Kanya Prakash Gruh
B/h Manav Mandir,
Ahmedabad - 380052
Tel -0091-79- 27490147
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