Overall development:

The girls are prepared for All India dance competitions.
They are encouraged to participate at the national sports level.
They are taken to visit places of interest so that they can have an overall idea of the world around them.

class 5's students in the class-room... learning computer basics in computer lab... kg students enjoying studying... class 3's students in the class-room...
learning braille...
Spiritual enhancement:

None of us have seen ‘God’ but what statues relate to us of various deities is not known to our blind girls.

So, we have a temple in the school premises where the girls can feel with their hands and know how statues can stand before them; so that they can have the feel of the infinite

The kite-flying festival of ‘Makarsankranti’ is also celebrated. The ‘Navratri’is long awaited by the girls because they get to dance and dress up and look their best. A DJ is invited so that they get the perfect feel of Ras & Garba Dance. The girls are given the entire knowledge of various religions. They are taken to the Gurudwara, Church etc. The Muslim girls are given the facility of conducting ‘Roza’.

Creative development:

We look forward to the girls participating at the district level and state level:
In competitions such as:

  1. Music, Ras, Garba, Dance…..
  2. Elocution
  3. Sports such as shot put, Javelin throw, long jump.
  4. Games such as cricket.

NOTE:  The girls of our school have bagged outstanding prizes in such events.

IT Education:

Computer Training Centre for the Blind was started in 2008 to educate the primary school children & adults in the field of computers so that they become a part of information revolution.

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The facility of education to the blind girls is given right from the basic stage i.e. nursery up to the primary level. The knowledge is imparted in the school premises itself; so that they do not waste time in travel.

The girls after the primary education are sent out to normal schools, so that they can interact with the girls of the outside world and grow mentally and learn more. This helps them to widen their horizons. We do not want them to be fish of the pond. But would like them to swim in the ocean. To prepare them for this, we give them the facility of a school bus to travel to other schools.

We encourage the girls to go for higher education also. After their secondary schooling; they are sent to college too. Today’s fast life has opened the avenue of physiotherapy so we encourage the girls to do physiotherapy courses too.

The young girls are encouraged to learn vocal music and even instrumental training is imparted. They not only learn singing and to play instruments but are also encouraged to sit for exams for them.

To be knowledgeable about the latest technology they are given computer training too. The entire education is imparted through Braille books, a library, cassettes and CD’s.

  • Braille education is given from kindergarten to standard VII.

  • Text books, audio tapes and tape- recorders are provided to help in learning.

  • Readers and writers are made available for students to appear for competitive board exams.

  • English Classes
    • Grammer
    • Speaking
    • Personality Development

  • Banking Coaching Classes

  • Braille Library

  • Sports :- Chess Class & Cricket

  • Music
Mobility Park:

Every normal human being gets to see The World with the most precious gift: our “EYES”.
But here our girls have the feel of everything with their finger tips.

  • With the sense of touch they recognize everything.
  • With the sense of sound they get the feel of the person’s personality.
  • With the sense of smell they get to know of nature’s gift of fragrance.

The girls develop scientific understanding of useful things in day to day life through our ‘Mobility Park’.

  • The knowledge of trees, plants, leaves, flowers and fruits is given to them by making them physically touch them.
  • The idea of a river, pond etc….. is also given.
  • The children are made to feel the statues of various animals, birds and simultaneously the sounds of those animals are also played and thus the knowledge is directly imparted.
  • The know- how for negotiating a railway station; bus-stand; foot-path is also explained to them in the mobility park.
  • The girls are taught how to go and shop, how to make the payment, the recognition of various coins etc…

Extra curricular activities:

Programs like debate competitions folk-songs and folk dances, plays and different types of sports etc. are organized. The girls participate in competitions at state and national levels.


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