Mukta has started a blind School at Surendranagar  known as ‘Pragnachakshu Mahila Seva Kunj’ where she has 200 girls studying from Std-I to XII. She has students who stay at her institute and go for higher studies to college too. She runs a residential school. She trains girls in Computer/Beauty-care/Handicraft etc, exactly on the I.T.I pattern.

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Interviews of some of our Star-students:


She joined The Andh Kanya Prakash Gruh in 1978 in Std- VI and studied here till 1983 when she completed Std- X. She then got a sponsor and did her B.Ed.

She has started a blind School at Surendranagar  known as ‘Pragnachakshu Mahila Seva Kunj’ where she has 200 girls studying from Std-I to XII. She has students who stay at her institute and go for higher studies to college too. She runs a residential school. She trains girls in Computer/Beauty-care/Handicraft etc, exactly on the I.T.I pattern. She prepares girls in home-science too, which makes them ready to run their future homes, imbibing in them to be true house wives. She finds suitable boys and gets the girls married who are of marriageable age.

She has acknowledged that her success is due to her stay at Andh Kanya Prakash Gruh.


She joined this institution in 1991 right from the K.G class to Std XII. She then went to H.K. Arts College and graduated taking English as her major subject and Sanskrit as her subsidiary. She has completed MA part I but had to discontinue as she got married. She has also done her B.Ed with the same subjects. She has done her Physiotherapy course from Vastrapur Blind People’s Association.

She is on our staff roll now. She teaches Computers, Massaging and Accupressure. She has been successful in training girls who are now working at Lizza Beauty Parlour as well as Care Beauty Parlour. A couple of girls had joined the famous Talwarkars Institute too but later left for better prospects.

Talking to ILA she said that, this institute prepares us to be self-reliant and the homely atmosphere made us feel comfortable and at home. “The teachers, she said, closely watched over our behaviour so they could find out exactly in which facility we were good and encouraged us to enhance our behaviour and pick up the right profession. I owe my success solely to  ‘Andh Kanya Praksh Gruh”.


She joined this institution in 1979 in the K.G. class and studied here till Std-XII. She then went to Anand and joined a college there. She did her M.A at the Sardar Patel University, taking Hindi as her major subject. She taught at “The School Teachers Training Center” for the visually impaired. She runs the “Ramdevji Patanjali Chikitsalaya” and has the distributorship for Kheda District. She is a teacher at the “Jalaram Seva Trust”. She has also worked for National Association for the Blind at Anand as a Gen. Secretary. She worked as “SARPANCH” for the period 1995-2000.

While interviewing her, she said that AKPG has helped to make her self-reliant. She wants to go further in many directions which will lead her to greater successes. She has won seven (7) National Awards.


She joined Andh Kanya Prakash Gruh in 1999 in Std XI. Then she joined H.K. Arts college and completed her graduation. She did her B.Ed at the S.U.G. College. She later did her M.A. from the Gujarat University. She joined the Gandhinagar Blind School for gaining experience. She taught Gujarati and Social studies.

At AKPG she appeared for her Readers’ Competitive Exam and later joined The State Bank of India at Maninagar as Assistant Clerk in the Customer Care Department. She got married in 2006.

Talking with her, she said here at AKPG we gain confidence in facing all odds and become self-reliant.


She was overwhelmed when we inquired about her well-being.

She said that ‘Man takes birth but once; but I was born twice. Once God given birth to my parents and a second time in Andh Kanya Prakash Gruh which has been my true alma mater. My life has been moulded and shaped for my future success at A.K.P.G.’

She is running a Physiotherapy Center at Bharuch without facing any problems or hindrance. She owes her success as she put it, to the training given at this institution. She was not under her parents’ roof. She said that at the hostel we felt it to be our second home. She truly believes that today she is well-placed in life because she has been trained and moulded to face life’s challenges.


She joined in 1982 in Std-I and studied here till Std-XII. She did her graduation at the M.S. University, Baroda. She has also learnt vocal music and has given Exams right till “Visharad”.

She is presently working at the Jalaram Trust. She is a Resource teacher in the Integrated Educational Teaching and prepares blind girls. She goes from village to village teaching IT from the CD’s which she has prepared with complete Educational material. She gives the ready made Educational Material CD’s to the blind students so that they can study without her presence.

She teaches Braille as well as English and has a proficiency in Internet usage. She said she owes her success because she was given good foundation of English Language at the A.K.P.G.


She joined this institution in 1986 in the K.G. section and continued till she graduated. She went to the Narsinh Mehta Arts College at Law Garden, Ahmedabad. She opted for Hindi as her major subject.

She has joined The State Bank of India, Naroda Industrial Estate Branch as an Asst. Clerk. She also goes to conduct Physiotherapy sessions at the Andh Shala situated at Navrangpura.

Talking to her she said that while she was at Andh Kanya Prakash Gruh she had full support and guidance of the staff members to whom she owes her success and well-being.


She studied here and completed her education till Std-XII. She was very good in vocal singing so she gave her Exams and competed till the “Visharad” level. Later she went to M.S. University at Baroda and graduated from there taking music as her subject. She stood Ist and won an award.

She is presently working in a school as a music teacher. She was very excited taking to us and chirped in her sweet voice that whatever position she has gained in life, she has attained solely due to Andh Kanya Prakash Gruh’s contribution.

Alpa says that “the education I received at A.K.P.G influenced me a great deal and made me very confident and independent, so much so that I was able to start life in a new country where I didn’t know anyone and find a very good job in a reputable department store.

As a result of the confidence I gained through A.K.P.G, I have received 2 awards for excellent Customer Service from my employer.

I would therefore like to thank the principal and all the teaching and house staff for all they did for me during my time there.”


Several eye operations performanced at the instance of the Institute, which has resulted in giving partial or full eye-sight to girls who had no vision earlier.

    • Yearly health check-ups.
    • Yearly eye-check-ups.
    • If necessary eye operations are also conducted.
    • Eye drops if required are given. For any particular disease which needs to be taken care of, due attention with treatment and medication are given.
    • If a specialist needs to be consulted; it is done without any hesitation.
    • (Parents’ permission is obtained before giving the treatment.)
    • The girls who are facing certain personal health problems are also given special medical aid.
    • Gym facility

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